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Apply: Reality Hack XR Hackathon June 17 – 21, 2021

Apply for this great opportunity to collaborate on XR projects

“Reality Hack is an annual community-run XR hackathon comprising thought leaders, brand mentors and creators, participants, students, and technology lovers, who come together and attend tech workshops, talks, discussions, fireside chats, collaborations, hacking, and more.Participants of various backgrounds and all skill levels attend from all over the world.”

“For 2021, we’ve reimagined what Reality Hack looks like. Due to the challenges of COVID-19 and the optimism of speedy vaccinations, we’re hosting a smaller, hybrid virtual and in-person event. Participants will be split into two physical sites, one in New York City in the USA, and the other in Western Europe (exact site announced later). Each site will host between 35-50 participants and an array of COVID safety measures will ensure everyone’s safety. Virtual participants will collaborate with participants at the physical sites. For more information, visit the FAQ.”