Who’s Working with AR/VR at CUNY?

Katherine Behar, Associate Professor (Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center): Interdisciplinary artist whose work combines high and low technologies to critique gender and labor in digital culture. Technical findings on early AR with custom textiles can be found here.

Daniel Chan, Assistant Director, Office of AccessABILITY (Hunter College): Using VR to support students with disabilities.

Alessandro Ciari, Head of Growth & Partnerships at Firefly Innovations (CUNY Graduate School of Public Heath & Health Policy): Firefly Innovations is an entrepreneurship platform that seeks to incubate public-health-focused businesses and organizations that utilize AR/VR and other technology applications.

Michelle C. Gastulo, Instructional Design Specialist (CUNY School of Professional Studies): Works with the AR/VR Computer Lab (and network of labs); organizes demos, talks, meetups and other events; and is part of the AR/VR Group Academic Commons site and the CUNY SPS AR/VR committee.

Kenny Hirschmann, Manager of the Frankfort Center (Hunter College): EdTech manager for the School of Education, looking at 360-degree video simulations and other VR applications for pre-service teacher education.

Patricia Kahn, Chief Information Officer of Information Technology Services (College of Staten Island): Led VR at the College of Staten Island.

Dominika Ksel, Adjunct Associate Professor (Baruch College and Hunter College): Interdisciplinary artist. Teaches VR/AR, interactive and immersive arts at several schools across New York City.

Antonia Levy, Associate Director, Faculty Development & Instructional Technology (CUNY School of Professional Studies)

Matt MacVey, Academic Program Specialist, AR/VR Journalism Learning Lab (Newmark Graduate School of Journalism): develops workshops to explore new storytelling tools and connecting media-makers, journalism students and media organizations working with new technology for public programs supported by RLab. He is the co-organizer of the CUNY AR/VR Interest Group.

Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, Associate Professor (Hunter College): Artist using VR for creative work, usually revolving around social issues.

Wole Oyekoya, Associate Professor (Hunter College): Research expertise in Immersive Visualization and Virtual Reality, Learning in Virtual Environments, Robotics and Telepresence, Eye Tracking and Visual Attention Modeling.

Bob Sacha, Associate Professor (Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism): Extensive experience in 360 video; just starting in volumetric capture and 3D video.

Sudi Shayesteh, Director, Office of AccessABILITY (Hunter College): The Access & Technology Center has been using VR to engage students in learning via fun subjects as well as academic subject areas to help learn more about VR possibilities.

Robert Small, Director of the New Media and Digital Content Lab (Macaulay Honors College): Works in transmedia storytelling and documentary filmmaking. Working to build an AR/VR space and program with Macaulay Honors College. Has a student internship program with the RLab.

Hao Tang, Associate Professor (Borough of Manhattan Community College): Applying AR/VR on assistive navigation for the blind and ASD; using AV for remote collaboration, training and education.