Hello, this site is meant to be a clearing house of information, links and resources for CUNY students, staff and faculty working with immersive and spatial technology including virtual reality and augmented reality.

Programs and Opportunities

College of Staten Island Virtual Reality Lab

A computer lab with an HTC Vice Pro connected to a 65” Samsung display, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest headsets and Insta360 cameras and accessories. The lab is run by the Office of Information Technology Services. Faculty and students can visit the lab and borrow equipment.

Baruch’s Virtual Reality Lab

The Hedwig Schindler Virtual Reality Lab at Baruch accommodates 20 students and puts the emphasis on immersive, undergraduate-centered learning and teaching. Equipment includes virtual reality (VR) headset goggles, 3D VR eyewear, and hand-held sensors and interactive controllers.

Visualization and Virtual Reality Lab

VR, AR, MR and Visualization Research led by Prof. Wole Oyekoya at Hunter College.

Macaulay’s AR/VR Internship Program

NYU Tandon School of Engineering in conjunction with other partners have developed a pilot internship and jobs opportunity program for up to 10 Macaulay students to be part of a new tech hub called RLab. The R stands for “reality” and the work is exclusively in augmented and virtual reality projects.

Virtual Reality Training Academy & Development Lab @ CUNY on the Concourse

Continuing and professional education opportunities in VR and AR from courses in Unity and Growing Your Business with Virtual and Augmented Reality to a 10-month VR Training Academy.

Craig Newmark’s Graduate School of Journalism’s Emerging Tech Lab

  • Workshops and trainings for graduate students, journalists, and with media organizations
  • Immersive journalism meetups bringing together grad students and journalists to share and discuss their work
  • Partnerships to support innovative immersive stories, collaborations between journalists, technologists and designers, and the development of best practices
  • The VR Journalism academic course for Newmark J-School students.